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Het Nieuwsblad (May 2019)

Joe FM (April 2019)

Interview with Isabelle Moussiaux

Joe FM (April 2019)

Interview with Xavie Battel

Het Nieuwsblad (April 2019)

Het Laatste Nieuws (April 2019)

Conway (December 2018)

Femmes Magazine (December 2018)

Etre Plus Magazine (December 2018)

Libelle (November 2018)

Primo TV Gids (November 2018)

Told You So (November 2018)

Horeca Magazine (November 2018)

Tasting Lifestyle (October 2018) (October 2018) (October 2018)

State Visit Portugal (October 2018)

State Visit Portugal (October 2018)

“Inspired” (Brussels Airlines inflight magazine, October 2018)

Het Laatste Nieuws (August 2018)

Goed Gevoel (August 2018)

Healthy Magazine (June 2018)

Skynet Magazine (August 2018)

Horeca Magazine (June 2018)

ROBTV (June 2018)

Wereldwijs (May 2018)

Het Nieuwsblad Magazine (March 2018)

La Dernière Heure (March 2018)

LinkedIn (March 2018)

Interview Radio 2 (March 2018)

Het Laatste Nieuws (March 2018)

Moustique (March 2018)

Het Laatste Nieuws (February 2018)

Radio Nostalgie (February 2018)

Newsmonkey (February 2018)

Nieuwsblad (February 2018)

Interview Radio 2 (February 2018)

Het Laatste Nieuws (February 2018)

Blabloom Blog (February 2018)

Nieuwsbrief Bioforum (January 2018)

Nest (February 2018) (January 2018)

Nieuwsblad (January 2018)

Knokke Actueel (January 2018)

Top Santé (January 2018)

Maxx (December 2017)

Flair (December 2017)

RTBF radio – Vivacité (December 2017)

MUSTBEYUMMIE (December 2017)

Femmes Magazines (December 2017)

Weekend Le Vif / L’Express (December 2017)

Maison Slash (December 2017)

Flair FR (December 2017)

Flair NL (December 2017)

Het Laatste Nieuws (November 2017)

Te gast op het Koninklijk Paleis (November 2017)

PlattelandsTV – Country Life (October 2017)

Deze Week (November 2017)

PUUR Magazine (November 2017)

Primo TV Gids (November 2017)

Libelle (November 2017)

Nina – HLN (November 2017)

Goesting – HLN (November 2017) (October 2017)

Weekend Knack (June 2017)

Achter de voordeur bij Isabelle en Roel – Maison Slash

Lees het volledige artikel hier.

KVLV (June 2017)

Voka (May 2017)

Blog Mini & Madam (May 2017)

‘Most promising food start up’ (March 2017)

MiniMarieTea wins ‘most promising food start up’ prize. Read the article here!

TV Docu – OnsTv

Hallo (May 2017)

Lees het volledige magazine hier.

Handelen (April/May 2017)

Libelle (April 2017)

De Morgen Magazine (April 2017)

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Press release

MiniMarieTea was founded and created in 2016 by Marie’s mom Isabelle. Being madly in love with her kids, herbs and tea, she cherishes the after school tea time with her toddlers. This was how she noticed the lack of infusions she could give her kids with a clear conscience. She started her own company to create healthy and fun additives for water: Happy Bags. If you want to read more, open the press release below in the language of your preference.