Why we all need more tea time

We live in hastily, almost superficial times.

We’re watching television while we’re on our laptop shopping and scrolling down a Whatsapp conversation on our mobile. Sometimes we’re even talking to our loved ones in real life simultaneously.


Multitasking and constantly being available has become a standard way of life and work. Shutting down and switching off has become rare.

Being present in the moment and focusing on the one thing or person in front of us has become some sort of assignment.

‘I’m going to put my phone away” has become something grand, almost noble. Us people… strange forces…



I must say I believe only great things can be achieved when we withdraw from multi-tasking. I plead guilty at doing so myself on a regular basis though – we’re only human- but these are never my moments of great intrinsic happiness or achievement.


“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”   Winston S. Churchill


Research has shown professional happiness is reached only when being able to focus.

This is also a very enlightening sum up of success factors where number 8 confirms the importance of flow:


“Being fully present and committed to one task, is indispensable for success.”


Click here for the full article.


This is why I believe in the increasing need of a “stop and smell the roses” status every now and then.

That is exactly what I want my products to create: more tea time. In its broadest sense.

The baseline for my tea brand for kids –MiniMarieTea– was chosen based upon the need for flow: “Make Moments”. That’s exactly what the world needs now: to make moments, instead of multi-tasking our way through life. That is exactly what Flow is all about. So yes, I’m a big Flow believer. I’m a moment maker.



Finding Flow is merely finding intrinsic value in doing what you love and allowing it to be valuable for its own sake.

This explains why artists need to get lost in their own world in order to create some great song or painting.

I only came to fully understand the internal process of a recording artist after I left the music business funny enough.

The moments I get to indulge in creating new tea blends: mixing, smelling, tasting, adjusting, feeling,… and repeating that whole process, I feel exactly like an artist in a recording studio does.

Sure running a business is not only about the creation and production of your product, just like an artist understands they have to do promotion and go on tour. But it is the beating heart. It is what makes your heart skip that beat, and put you in an unstoppable state of mind.

Writing those songs and getting to record them in the studio is truly their happy place, their bubble. I get that now. I need my tea bubble from time to time. That’s where the magic happens.

It’s your moment of extended devotion to your craft.


The name “Flow” was very well chosen: it comes from “a flood of creativity and productivity.” And that’s exactly what it is. We are all able to reach flow as long as we are given enough freedom and trust to use our skills. We will then “Do More” (Steve Jobs). This is why every co-worker and boss benefits from reaching Flow.

A core state of mind BlackPearlProject feels very strong about.