The crowd empowers knowledge and vice versa


I’m totally with that.

Even the littlest yay deserves a small celebration.

Whether it is a kick ass IG picture you took (after failing 56778 pics) or a pitch that went really well.

Whether it is a meeting that helps you take the next steps or simply a nice comment you received of somebody liking your product.


Whether it is through a simple happy moment for yourself with a cup of tea and silence all around you (yes, even a music addict like myself sees silence as a party these days, I have two toddlers, remember… J) or a funky chicken dance when nobody is watching. Whether it is with champagne and/or dressing up and owning it when going to a fancy dinner.

Just celebrate.

I think this applies to life in general, but even more so when living the start up life. Because this rollercoaster of highs and lows is not easy, so the good moments deserve some extra sparkle. Because if you don’t cheer at enough occasions, the lows take over and giving up closes in on you.

The “remind me again why exactly I’m doing all this?” needs to be feeded with cheery answers as much as possible to keep the drive alive.

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So I guess this is a shout out to you out there too, if you’re reading this blog -my story- my journey- and you like it, let me know and pass it on please. Your cheer matters to me. Really. It’s the whole point why I’m sharing these thoughts on the making of my little company and products out loud.


The crowd empowers knowledge and knowledge empowers the crowd.

I’m asking this because I believe knowledge is power, only if it’s shared.

Sharing is caring.

And all good things come to those who learn. I learn a lot from other people’s stories, so I want to pay it forward through this blog too.

Cheer if you find my input valuable. In whatever way suits your life and job. Whatever it is you take with you from these writings. Even if it’s just your occasional story read to chill you out.

I love to write, I love to talk and tell my story, but it’s time consuming and there are enough stories out there already, so I just need to make sure it’s worth wile.

I’m merely sharing this story because it’s soothing to write and it gives me a drive to persist knowing you like what I write and do. Knowing that it is useful, in any kind of way.

So last week I was at this big family reunion and noticed that even my aunts and uncles (that I don’t see enough unfortunately) are reading this blog. And liking it! And yet, I didn’t know for over a year they were reading me and following this journey…

So if you like reading this blog, don’t just think it, say it and spread it, so I can feel it 🙂

A lot of you have done that already, thank you. Really. It keeps me going.


Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

Sometimes (mostly when I haven’t slept well) it’s so tempting to just step out of this whole adventure and go look for a normal job. No more worries and uncertainties…. But less cheers too, I’d bet you that…

So every now and then I get uncertain and worried. Then I start flickering through job adds. And every single time my conclusion is the same: I don’t want any of these jobs. I want my job.

I’ve tasted the beauty of doing what you really love and creating your own job. And more importantly, I feel useful doing what I do every second of the day. I’m contributing in my own way, with my own products and creations, writings,… I can’t go back to working for somebody else’s dream. Well, never say never, knows this Belieber. Point is, I always get pulled back in :-).

This is not the easy way.

But it’s the only way. For me, for now.

You have to convince yourself countless times a day that you got this.

You have to convince everyone around you that you got this.

Especially your inner circle.

Because they matter most. And because they are honest with you.

They will not sugar code the fact that they don’t see where you’re heading.

Because that’s the case when you’re a start up. You know where you’re going, but change directions daily. Believe me, this makes sense to other starting entrepreneurs.

People around you think that what you’re doing is weird and unclear. And most of the time, they’re right. It is often too complex to explain, but your gut just shows you the way whilst proceeding on your start up journey.

This is why people around you don’t ask too much about your “job” and if they do, questions tend to be vague and uncomfortable for both sides…“How is that thing you’re doing going?” “Everything fine with that Happy Marie thing?” “When is your tea bar/tea shop opening?” “So you’re doing something with tea nowadays?”

These are just a few examples from my own inner circle, asking me questions about my job to show interest, to show they care. Thank you for that and please keep asking. Obviously I don’t blame them for not really getting what it is I’m doing exactly, I myself don’t always get it.

But it is sometimes frustrating to realize that you’re giving this your all, investing your money, instead of earning money at this stage and people still need to be convinced somehow that you too, are actually working. Overtime mostly btw, because it’s not about office hours on this journey, I wrote that in my previous blog. You’re searching to improve what, how, when, with who,… non-stop and in everything you do. This train never stops. If you’re lucky.

Daily note to self:

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-17 om 10.02.02.png


So I think it’s important I share my story about this startup life. Because the more I talk to people in the same situation, the more I realize we’re all struggling with the same issues. So I made a promise to myself to cheer more. For myself and others. It keeps everything in balance. And who doesn’t like cheering?

Cheers give people wings. Lifting each other, the world could do with a little bit more of that these days.

Throw kindness around like confetti. Totally pro that. Kindness doesn’t cost a dime, right.

And it’s all about karma. Yes, Karma is key. What goes around comes around.85dd340c96ff2f558790915ebf3a0dba

As for where the whole MiniMarieTea story stands I can tell you this:


Never ever believe tea is just a bunch of dried leafs in a box .


A box is not just a box

A font is not just a font

An ingredient is not just an ingredient

A blend is not just a blend

A quantity is not just a quantity

A food label is not just a food label

A teabag is not just a teabag

Tea is not easy

Really. My days have been filled with the blending and wrapping of the tea on one hand and finishing the packaging design on the other hand.

But that’s just the very short version of the story.

Even the littlest detail of everything involving a new product is a choice. Which means a decision. Fonts come in all shapes and forms. Italic and bold. Big and small. Boxes: same story. Which shape fits which quantity, which material suits the brand and the design,…

Ingredients: same story

And so on. And on. And on. And on…


Even though I have a marketing background and a crazy love for tea and infusions. Even though I’m telling my own story through MiniMarieTea, this is not as easy as I thought it was. Obviously.


I’m not a graphic designer, nor a farmer, nor am I rich and I can think of a few more things I am not, but point is you’re limited in every step you take and every decision you make. Even with a clear vision about every aspect of the product. The sky is not the limit. It’s about compromising the whole way through.

Yes, I guess that’s been the key word summing up my last couple of weeks: compromising. And learning. And cheering too. We’re nearly there. I can’t tell you enough what an amazing feeling that is. I’ll be cheering to that with tea AND champagne my dear!

I’ve gotten to see the first finalised packaging designs last night. Well, we’re still tweaking a few details, but it’s nearly ready for printing.

Then the final wrapping begins.


So I’m guessing in a couple of weeks I will fi-nal-ly be able to reveal #minimarietea !


Hey, thanks for reading, really.