Moving on up!

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Literally mainly for now, that is.
I’ve got myself an office on the first floor of our house. A real office, with a door and a window.
And most importantly, it’s the best smelling office in the whole wide world.
It’s packed with dried flowers, herbs and fruits, obviously.
When I tuck the kids in at night, I can’t pass by this little office of mine without quickly opening the door and smelling the goodies… It just makes my heart skip a beat.

Whilst traveling with our toddlers the last few weeks, we noticed that they really enjoyed sharing a room, so once we got home, it didn’t take long to put this into a win-win situation for all of us.

So the old baby room is now officially the Happy Bags headquarters.
What used to be the baby dresser is now my desk. What better desk to be working on the perfect healthy drinks for kids, right…
My beloved ingredients are no longer tucked away somewhere my children couldn’t reach them, but neither could I…
They’ve got their own spacious drawers and I have herb overview to the maximum now! Right at my fingertips!

So far the update about the new Happy Bags HQ.

The #happybagsjourney is at cruise speed at the moment, I’m perfecting the blends and the whole plan and packaging for the #minimarietea , the first Happy Bags product, being released this winter hopefully.

Most of you following my IG know already MiniMarieTea will be an infusion/tea for kids. The blends can also be used as iced tea, which I prefer to call nice tea. All the ingredients will be natural and super tasty. Healthy and fun to the maximum. Drinking water is fun, remember.
Details on the blends and packaging will be revealed closer to release date.

Which is why I’m trying to add a newsletter button to this website, so you can be fully updated on the latest and greatest in summary, delivered straight to your inbox. But IT and me… no BFFs so bear with me… newsletter button coming soon… or that’s the idea at least 😉

And last but not least, I’ve had the honour to be part of the shoot for the first edition (launch October) of the new online magazine for parents that are alright: #maisonslash
Be sure to check it out and subscribe:

Gwentibold , Mamavanvijf and Ingriddepingrid are the amazing founders of this new magazine.

Give them likes, thumbs ups, confetti, … show them the love folks, trust me, every start –up needs them.
So #minimarietea will be featured in the first edition of MaisonSlash with tea turned funky for the parents and fun for the kids… don’t miss it!

Love straight from my new desk,