The inconvenient truth about sugar

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This documentary blew me away. It’s called “Fed Up”. And that’s an understatement. I recorded it several weeks ago and I only got round to watching it yesterday. It’s an eye opener. A huge one.  I’ll praise it to my own kids when they’re a little older. I’ve asked my husband to show it to his students in class. It should be mandatory in school to watch this.

I sincerely hope you’ll find the time to watch it too and spread it around like confetti. I cannot emphasize enough how much this concerns each and every one of us. And our children the most.

The facts and figures are dazzling. The way the industry works and fools us is beyond crazy. The comparison to the tobacco industry is scarily accurate. The role of our governments is undeniable.

Sugar is not bad for us. We even need sugar. There’s no harm in drinking a soda drink once in a while. There’s no point in being too fanatic. It should just be the exception instead of the rule.We’re overdosing on sugar right now. The comparison to drugs in the documentary is painfully true, it makes me incredibly sad. But incredibly determine to fight too.


They talk about banning soda machines and advertisings. But we all know that doesn’t happen over night. And the industry needs to be able to keep making money. We need to keep up that good economic flow they provide us with. Job providing multinationals should be able to stick around.

It should just be linked more to purpose. To benefits for society, rather than the opposite… Not only by sponsoring good causes and sport events. Not only by donating their guilt away once in a while. But by changing their core DNA and making their products more honest and healthy. They should offer an alternative. And we should stop playing the blaming game. It’s too late for that unfortunately. Look at the numbers in the documentary. They’re not lying. Our society is sick. We need to act now. We should think along with them instead of fighting them. They have the knowledge, power and expertise to get to the heart of the consumer. We need the industry with us. There are no sides in this if we want to make a real change to heal the world. And yes a Michael quote is appropriate here.

So that was the only thing missing in this outstanding documentary: a positive note for the future.

An outcome for both the industry and society.

An alternative true innovation.

Rethinking drinking from scratch.

Together WITH the industry. Making it attractive for them to step away from extensive added sugars.

Happy Bags wants to be exactly that. An honest and transparent, healthy alternative to soda drinks. #thehappybagsjourney is all about finding a way to make drinking water more fun. After watching this, who can deny the world needs Happy Bags… Badly.

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So I’m working as fast as I can. I’m on a mission more than ever. I don’t want my kids facing and obese world. I want them to have a choice at least. They hug trees. THEY HUG TREES. Let’s learn from them. Let’s embrace nature. Let’s do this for them.

The health issues we’re facing are directly linked to the economic consequences we’re all facing and are about to face even more if we don’t act now. It’s exactly the same as what’s happening with global warming. The age of denial and blaming others is over. We’re running out of time. Stop blaming the fat girl. Stop blaming the industry. We need to do something to turn this obese world around. Now.

And here’s my reach out to the soda drink industry. Let’s do this. Together. Let’s get that alternative out there.

Let’s innovate. Let’s rethink drinking. Let’s Apple our way through drinking.

And Beyonce, if you’re reading this… Let’s promote those Happy Bags together. They’re sexy as hell. I promise.