Stop and smell the roses.

And lavender. And mint. And Sage.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 13.38.47

I found these words by Becky Waddell in the most pretty magazine ever: Chickpea

Both the words and the magazine were an epiphany to me.

I can relate to every word above. Becky Waddell manages to catch the impact and diversity of herbs so precisely. She captures the essence of life along with it. She explains exactly why I too, could not help falling in love with herbs.

These are the most beautiful words I’ve read in a while, so I thought it was worth sharing them with you. I’ve read it a dozen times already. It doesn’t get old. That’s how wise words work. They’re evergreen.

I hope you enjoy reading this text just as much, and get something out of it too. Even if you’re not tea crazy like me, it is merely about life.


A big week for Happy Bags

This week is an important week in #thehappybagsjourney

I got to start it by visiting a few incredible places and people in my search for the best ingredients for the healthy kids drinks. I promise to tell you all about it in one of my next blogs, as soon as I will be able to go into details about that new product I’ve been talking about. I’ve got loads of things to tell you about this exciting new product and can’t wait to show you the beautiful ingredient pictures that go along with these plans… Patience has never been my strongest point. Sigh.

This week I’ll be highlighting my plans and products in details to possible partners and advisors. Wish me luck. #happybagsisalittlebitnervous.

Also this week: the beloved students of  #UAntwerpen will be unfolding the results of their research they’ve been doing on #happybags for months. I am beyond curious and excited for that!

So this big week for this Happy Bag calls for a pretty and tasty happy tea/infusion recipe to calm those nerves.

  • a few dried rose petals
  • a few dried jasmine flowers
  • a few dried chamomile flowers
  • Add to cup of hot water. Wait 3-5 min. Ready.

(Add the ingredients after the water to avoid burning those pretty flowers.)

Oh and here’s the link to the election of female countryside talent, I promised you. It starts at 9.20 min. Approximately. 🙂