Save water from boredom

A happy recipe

While Happy Bags is not ready yet to save your water from boredom, some of you have been asking me about ways to pimp water for their little ones.

Truth is, there are millions of ways to do that. Endless combinations and flavours are possible.

I will try to share super easy recipes adored by my kids from time to time.

So today I’d like to start #thehappybagsjourney update with the essentials: a happy recipe for you and your kids:

All you need is: love -#sorrynotsorry nobody can deny that-

fresh mint, fresh lemon balm & just a few frozen raspberries.

Add these beauties to your glass or bottle of water. Ready. Already.

You can find the pictures of these ingredients and drink on top of this blog post.

My kids look at me like I’m some kind of magic wizard while preparing this “wonder water” for them. It’s healthy, tasty and the look on those little faces is just heart filling.

Ok, now we all have something to drink, let me tell you what’s been keeping this Happy Bag busy the last few days.


Your vibe attracts your tribe

As you could read in my last update, I’m developing a new product that will allow me to go to the market sooner than with the Happy Bags. For this new product -which I hope to reveal to you soon- I’m looking for the best of the best ingredients.

This brought me to an incredible place last week. This little golden company I found after carefully turning many stones, could possibly become a supplier of the core ingredients of this new product. I’m meeting them again next week for tastings of possible ingredients and will then give you a full update of this story.

Last week I also had an inspiring brainstorm with a pretty mum going the extra mile for her dreams too. She helped me from a graphic point of view to make Happy Bags the prettiest bags one has ever seen. Gwentibold. She’s gold.

I started this week with a meeting at the innovation centre with other food start-ups. To hear their stories and being able to tell them mine and get feedback from people in the same challenging position, was super interesting.

Point is, I seem to get to know many interesting people doing great things with a meaningful purpose lately. It doesn’t mean they’re there yet. Every single one of them is struggling with issues and questions I can very much relate to. Every single one of them is doing what they love and profoundly believe in. They’re all looking for ways to make the world a better place with their products and ideas while figuring out how to pay their bills and not give up. Point is, your vibe attracts your tribe.

Other than that, I’ve still been utterly busy with the financial side of things but there’s no fun stories to share in that part of #thehappybagsjourney as you can imagine, so I’ll just get on with it instead of hiding behind this blog.

Yep, getting to do the things you love, means doing the things you love less just as much.