With every roadblock, a detour is built.


The last few weeks have been about finances and getting that business model of Happy Bags viable at some point.

There are still lots of things to be cleared out before getting a fully realistic view on the P&L, but working on best case vs. worst case scenario’s, here’s what I do think will be vital to a healthy business model: being out in the field and learning from it.


I’ve also learned “pivoting” is a crucial term in starting up a new business.

It means “amending your plans and products for the better”.

With the new input I get each day while proceeding on #thehappybagsjourney, my plan and possible product range is pivoting constantly. But the core DNA, purpose and values stay exactly the same.

A new product

As Happy Bags will need a lot of testing over the next coming year before being ready to go to the market, I won’t be able to be in the field any time soon with this beautiful product.

This is why I’ve decided to add a new product to my business plan.

One that will make it possible to go the market much sooner.

One that I love just as much as Happy Bags.

One I believe the world needs equally as much.

One that is clearly related to Happy Bags.


I can’t go into details just yet, since I will be seeing some important possible business partners over the next coming weeks and I would like to present the ideas to them first of course.

But there will be plenty of time to talk about that product later on.

I can’t wait to share it with you. Obviously.

I can’t wait to have you and your family tasting it, hopefully loving it, and getting nothing but benefits from it.

But it needs to be kick ass to the bone, so give me some time… It’s a journey, and not a short one, remember… But o so glad to have you with me on this one.

Erika Vantielen

Which brings me to this incredibly soulful cool media mum and so much more.

She’s been supporting #thehappybagsjourney from day one and decided to let me take over her blog -something she never does- to give me a chance to interact with all the lovely mum & dads reading her blog. You can check it out right here:


Thanks so much, sweet Erika, for your major uplifting support.


Giving up part 678964423

Despite that uplifting support, I was close to giving up while doing the math. Giving up is something that crosses every start up ‘s mind at least 34 times a day I think.

I’m so glad I didn’t so far, because now I’ve come up with a way to make the business model much better by doing what I love again.


Stay true, think different

So I guess it all comes down to staying true to your core, to your true you. And listening to it.

Seeing the detour instead of the roadblock. Or turning it into one by thinking differently.

This video of  Steve Jobs at an internal meeting at Apple about their new campaign back in the days helped. A lot. Please check it out. It’s still incredibly relevant.

This sums it up:


 Pay it forward.

Create the things you wish existed.

Get back to the basics when cloudy.

Stay passionate about what you do.

Believe you can make a change.

Be honest and transparent while doing it.




Election “Female Talent Countryside”

In my previouse blogs you can see the small TV documentary about my nomination for the “Female Countryside Talent”. The election took place last Saturday at the #Goedgevoelladiesfair and will be broadcasted in May. I’ll share the link later on.

Our Minister Joke Schauvlieghe hosted the election. It was good to see the government taking a stand for these women supporting the countryside and all its goodness through their businesses.

Did I win? No. Obviously, the product is not available yet. But I did make it to the last 10 and got invaluable contacts and a fun day with my sister and her kid out of it.

And last but not least, it felt right to be there.

I got reminded again that I’m choosing the right career path.