The country love!


While our whole world has changed last Tuesday (Choking while writing this…head low, nodding…) I’m getting on with it, like we all do, I guess. Sigh. Bruxelles, ma belle.

BIG BLANK GAP #prayfortheworld 

So. Sigh.

While I’m fine tuning the financial side of Happy Bags and proceeding with market research and recipe details, I just found out I got selected by a female organization called “ONS” for their annual “female talent” which focuses on helping taking the countryside to another level through new businesses.

And since Happy Bags is more than willing to use all the best fruits our countryside has to offer to fill them delish bags, I’m very honoured and happy with this nomination!

The elections will be mid April, so keep you posted on how that goes.

Our countryside TV channel is highlighting some of the nominees. They came over today to make a small documentary of me & mine and of #thehappybagsjourney in particular. It was a delight to be able to talk about the Happy Bags story so far and elaborate on the hopes and plans for the future. I got to share my tea love with the crew and presented them first sketches of Happy Bags along with fresh healthy ice tea (WITH #raspberries of course, the Happy Bags avant la lettre, quoi!) and some loose leaf green tea with fresh garden herbs to finish the recordings. The journalist hesitantly asked for a coffee when entering tea HQ here 😉 but asked for his second glass of fresh ice tea soon after and left the building sipping his full cup of tea to the last drop and promising me spontaneously he would definitely buy Happy Bags as soon as available!

I have no idea how that documentary will look and I will of course keep you posted on when and where to check it out, but main thing is: it gave me an extra boost, a boost of energy, believe and faith in what you do. A boost that is so precious and needed for start ups. So thanks to the crew of ONS! Really, you gave me a new breath of fresh air. Happy Bags loves you. Happy Bags loves the countryside.

Yes, let this be a big shout out to the countryside and its farmers too, where on earth would we be without them… Long beautiful walks, fresh herbs, veggies & fruits,… Precious countryside, you totally rock. Blur knew it a long time ago already. Moreover, I need you. We all need you, right?


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Thanks crew, thanks countryside, but mainly, thank YOU for reading me & my #thehappybagsjourney . Let’s make it a better place and heal that world just a little bit with them Happy Bags! #letloverule #peace  really. REALLY … really…


Love each other,

Sorry for being mellow today. But te world could do with more mellowness, right. #sorrynotsorry