Everything happens for a reason


Even bad things.

I spent the last weekend at the hospital with my 2-year old. Nothing major. The most challenging part was that we had to share a room with a teenager suffering from a concussion and the obligation to keep my girl in that same room. A room that had to be dark and quiet, and patient an arm length or two away from us that needed check ups every 2 hours -24hrs a day- not an ideal combo for a toddler and her mum. Time crawled like a snail and we didn’t exactly get the rest we needed. But most importantly, we’re back home and she’s fit as a champ again.

The reason I’m elaborating on our weekend trip is because it’s essential to the Happy Bags recipe! It’s crazy how this unexpected ordeal lead to me being able to improve Happy Bags. It’s like it needed to happen…Let me explain.

My girl suffered from a flue gone bad that caused dehydration. Ironic, knowing I’m developing a healthy kids drink as we speak… this weekend taught me so much extra on what children need to drink when they feel a little weaker. This weekend I’ve decided to change my recipe for Happy Bags so that this drink will be even more magical than planned. Happy Bags will help prevent dehydration in a healthy way! Of course I cannot tell you what that little special ingredient is (yet), Mama Miracoli doesn’t tell either, does she… But I’m definitely thanking my little Marie for this secret ingredient. I thank her everyday just for being her of course, but today I’m thanking her for not only making my world rock but hopefully the ones of all families in need of healthy kids drinks soon!


I’ll get to the lab session details that I promised in a next blog (later this week), since I also still have to tell you about my first meeting with the University students who will be working with me. So I figured that would just make this blog too long and too much of a good thing is good for nothing- wink –

Have a lovely week,