Happy February!

So I’ve decided to move February up on my list of favourite months, since this month we’ll attempt to make the first happy bags ever. Gosh I love you already, you grey, cold, happy February!

In order to be really well prepared for those tests, I’ve done some home tests on flavours and textures.

The first flavour we will officially be testing in a few weeks is raspberries! For numerous reasons (such as textures and components) to make sure we get the best results possible. But mainly because raspberries are a child’s best friend. They are so rich in flavour, colour and vitamins/fibers.

From previous home tests, talking to the engineers who will be executing the tests and to my coach (yes I have a coach! Not a fitness or mental coach though (yet) but an innovation coach –yep- Katie is her name – she’s great , so today I’m totally thanking Katie for being with me on this #thehappybagsjourney from day one!), I learned that making a drink that is both 100% healthy and 100% tasty is not easy. So bear with me, because happy bags wants to be that drink! YES WE CAN!

So ok, my freezer is packed with raspberries. It’s come to a point where it’s the first thing I look for in a grocery store or at a local farmer and I know exactly which ones are better than others. I try them in every sort of drink and with every occasion. Last week, the neighbour’s lovely daughter came over, she’s 9, I think. She instantly asked if I could make her “that fresh lemonade from last time” again. Neigbour’s got taste.

We had pancakes for my little one’s first birthday last week, I made some fresh iced-tea and just had to top that of with some raspberries, compulsively. Delish!

Gin- tonic with cucumber? That’s so 2015. We drink it with frozen raspberries instead of cucumber and ice cubes!

A nice infusion with a hint of raspberry juice or a loose leaves green tea with fresh raspberries: yum!

Yes, raspberries and me are getting along just fine.


Earlier this week I juiced another dozen of frozen and fresh raspberries because I wanted to do some more research on the textures, flavours and possibilities for happy bags. I must say, it’s such a soft and sweet fruit, yet not too sweet. I even found out adding a bit of lime to raspberries can give it a great finishing touch and taste.

My one year old was at home with me, since she was a bit ill this week, poor munchkin, she hadn’t eaten properly the last few days and even hardly drank her bottle of milk. So I decided to give her some pure raspberry juice with water, she savoured it like crazy and asked for more! I decided to mix the left over raspberry juice with almond soy milk, coconut flakes and blackberries. It turned into a beautiful purple smoothy. Per-fect colour, taste and perfectly healthy for kids. Jill couldn’t get enough of this happy baby smoothie!

Here’s what I know so far: (besides some technical insights I won’t bore you with.)

Kids can’t lie. Kids love raspberries in all shapes and forms, even if just diluted with water. Kids love happy bags. Happy bags loves kids. I can’t wait for the end of February!