Thoughts are forces


I had a mum-off-duty- weekend with two amazing ladies. We shopped ‘til we dropped, laughed out loud and got funny faces from people. We cried. Of course, it’s a girls weekend, it’s meant to let it all out. So soothing.

But the weekend taught me some things about life and mainly this: thoughts are forces.

Think it and you will navigate towards it. So think before you think. I don’t mean to sound too hippie or something, but it is true if I come to think about it. The more you focus on good things, you will exhale positivity and the more you will attract those good things and good people will surround you. The more you do the opposite… well, it’s all connected, you see. It’s the law of attraction. I remember this documentary about all this called “The Secret”, it’s a bit weird, but the message is totally worth watching it. It’s on Netflix by the way.

So I’m all into happy thoughts! Not always of course, I am only human.

This week I will test some more drinks in preparation of my happy bags lab session at the end of February. I will elaborate more on that over the next few days in another blog.

Oh and major leap on a personal ground: my little baby Jill is turning one this week. Can’t believe it. She did her first steps this week too, around her birthday, just like her big sister.

Anyway, for all you people who are reading this: THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS and the rest will follow!

PS. The picture above features the best #girlfriendmuffin I ever ate! And of course the #kintojapan best tea cup and #dilleenkamille white tea with apple and pear. Yum.