Houston, we have a date!


Ok ladies and gents, just keeping you up to speed with a few small yet big updates.

A lot of exciting stuff happening in happy bags land!


First of all, the engineers got back to me with a date for the first tests, these will be happening end of February instead of end of January.

All good things come to those who wait, right? Hmm. Patience. Not my strongest point. Anyhow, glad to have these dates fixed now.

Another really cool facto is that Master students Communication of the University of Antwerp will be joining us on #thehappybagsjourney !

They will research the happy bags product top to bottom, back to front and make them bags even happier and better for all of us.

I will present my company & product to them at the end of February, right after the first tests. So they will get a very first taste of the happy bag- avant- la –lettre quoi! I’ll be delighted to talk to them about my product and the values of my company. Values, mission, vision,.. all crucial and fundamental for a happy brand. I truly believe that the right values of a company lead to a powerful DNA that attracts the right people, making the most of everything and thus achieving great things. Oh I could talk about that for hours… I’ll surely blog about the content of my presentation a bit closer to the date.

The students will start their research in march and present their results to the professor and me somewhere in May. So curious for that already.


That’s all for now folks, but keep an eye on the blog and instagram, there’s much more to come soon!

PS. Check out #mariestellamaris_official because a happy bag will taste better with happy water OBVIOUSLY. What a GORGEOUSE bottle of water that is. With a great taste and a BIG heart #drinkwatergivewater And that name…MARIEstellamaris… just makes my heart sing of course. Wouldn’t those bottles suit happy bags perfectly? #drinkingwaterisfun

So today I’m thanking #mariestellamaris_official for making such a top notch water. Really. I like you.


Have a happy day,