Why is this new healthy drink for children called happy bags?

Because that’s what they are! H A P P Y B A G S ! Bags meant to make you happy!

It’s exactly that, really… it’s just a little bag, filled with nothing but goodness that you add to your water and magic does the rest. The details of that goodness will be shared with you right here, the more the development of the product itself progresses

I’m currently waiting on exact dates from the engineers who will be developing those wonder bags with me. They need to schedule the first testings of the product taking into account the availability of the machines we need. And it’s these machines that we’re waiting on as we speak… they’re in use for the moment.

I won’t go too deep into technical deets, I can hear some yawning in the back already.

Let me just tell you a little bit about the engineers who will be making those happy bags with me.

A few months ago I met them for the first time. Packed with nothing but a business plan and a truckload of motivation, I went over to their offices and presented them this idea I had been brewing in the back of my mind for years: happy bags.

It was thrilling to be in a totally different environment. I presented my idea -my product- to people packed with multiple university degrees, tons of experience and dressed in white suits. Some white suits with high degrees were covered up to their ears in red fruit stains, coming straight from the lab. They looked like they were coming from a ritual slaughter rather than a food lab. So I was mortified the first part of that first meeting. I had been used to having meetings with artists, managers, people working at all sorts of media, big commercial partners,.. professional yes, but always laid back. And I was confident in those meetings, I knew that business inside out… but I had never had meetings like these, with people like these about stuff like this in an environment like that..


But my fear was unfounded. We were on the same page right away, eager to make those happy bags come to live! We sat there talking about this new product for hours. And then we met again and again. We tasted some possible ingredients in those meetings, talked them through again and again. I got a big tour around their lab and they explained all the machines and technologies they were using. It’s so interesting, challenging and motivating to be present in this whole new world of product development and to actually be developing my own product. To actually be creating something totally new, something I believe the world will benefit from.

And here we are now, on the verge of starting the first actual tests we’ve been talking about for so long. So gosh, I’m excited… and anxious obviously.


But hey, you’re with me and that’s mighty fine, thank you!

Hope to be sharing the first actual tests with you soon!




PS. Don’t hesitate to spread #thehappybagsjourney