Why should you read this blog?

Hello fom the outsiiiide,


I’m an out loud singer. Preferably with one of my girls on my shoulder and preferably in my kitchen. It’s a daily habbit. It’s a need actually. The car is my second favorite place to sing it all out.

Do you know James Corden? Damn, that guy makes me laugh out loud. Thank you James.

I don’t know if I will be thanking somebody in each blog I’ll write, but why not actually.. The world can use some serious thankfulness, so I’m in!

Oh and this one made me laugh so bad I cried. (What a wonderful feeling btw.)

So this mum is a Belieber. Yep. From day one. I literally mean day one. If there was a day before day one, I would name it here. I used to work at his label actually.

I used to promote him when nobody, really, noooooobody wanted to hear from him. There were nothing but non-Beliebers back in the days…that was 2009 I think. (Is that really 7 years ago already?)

Not one Belgian radio wanted to play his first single… true story. All claiming he was a prefab singer..

We stalked the radio’s for months with home recorded video’s of him playing the guitar and singing just to prove he was “real”.

Not going to elaborate on that too much, the rest is history anyway.


So why should you join me on this #happybagsjourney?


At first I was hesitating to write this blog and take you on this journey.

I was scared.. well, I still am.

But I love to write. I love to talk actually. And it takes me ages to get to my point. (According to my husband) I think it’s because I love to sprinkle stories with details that add magic and emotion to them.

I love details. I love stories. I love communication. Hell, I’ve studied communications…

So I must love writing a blog.. I do so far.

The idea of having people supporting me in this, wins from the fear of putting myself out there and talking about… me, my product, my journey, my life…

You see, that me-thing, it’s all so self-centered… and in these times of digital overload, who needs another blog on another life, right?


But the thing is, I have the best reason in the world for writing a blog:

This one might actually literally make you feel better. It’s all about the –exciting- creation of something that all of us and all of our children will benefit from.


To me, this journey is as emotional as a painter who’s making his masterpiece or a singer who’s writing and recording that one album that will become the evergreen.

You see, I’m my own target audience here… I’m making something I need, something I wish existed. And I have a front row seat right here for you.


You are what you eat, I couldn’t agree more with that. It’s a good thing we’ve finally come to live in a world where cooking and food is the new focus, where people stop and think before they buy or cook food.

But what about “you are what you drink”? That movement could use some growing in my humble opinion.

Doesn’t it bother you that you have water on one side and sugar overloaded soft drinks or juices on the other side? Don’t you think it would be great if you could buy a product that really means sugarfree and tasty when it says sugarfree and tasty?

happy bags Will fill that huge gap for all of us.


I don’t mean to beat around the bush. As much as I would love to give you all details about what happy bags is exactly, the truth is, it’s too early.

It’s a whole new product, it doesn’t exist yet. The first tests still need to happen, the right packaging needs to be created, the right material needs to be found,..

I do know what I want happy bags to be exactly of course, but there’s no point in telling you that, since nobody is interested in a story about what you almost did, right?


So here you go, another reason to just keep reading my blog and you will find out what happy bags turns out to be exactly together with me. That’s why I called it #thehappybagsjourney . It’s a proces, a story, and it’s happening live, right now, so I have no clue where we’ll end up. I love that.

I promise to keep you updated every step of the way in the creation of them happy bags! I will have to warn you though, aside from product development information, this blog will contain recommendations of things I love and just need to share, deep thoughts and random stories of things that happen to me. Oh and probably some mood swings too.


So I hope to bring you some fun, exciting and relaxing reading. Reccognisable situations and –who knows- new perspectives. But most of all I hope to bring you happy bags some day.

Oh, and that picture in the heading, that’s dried jasmin, mmmmmm. Bought it at the Asian super market, it makes my tea..just perfect. Now I feel the urge to share my favorite teacup too. It’s magic. It’s soso good. The loose leaves have more than enough space and the filter doesn’t leak when taking it out.

It’s from #kintojapan  #ilovekintojapan #drinkingwaterisfun #clevercrafting #prettyandhandy