Pay it forward

Hello whole new year.
Hello whole new blog experience.
I guess a good way to start is to explain what the #happybagsjourney is all about, but give me a minute- I’m a woman – to get there. So here I am… actually really doing -or at least trying to do- what I’ve truly always wanted to do… I have no clue how to wrap that up in just one sentence, but let’s just say: I’m trying to pay it forward by doing what I love.
Thank you Shonda Rhimes, for Izzy, Mc Dreamy and all of Grey’s wisdom. But mostly, thank you for your inspirational commencement speech, it taught me to not just dream it, but do it. Thank you Steve Jobs for letting me connect my dots.
It’s important for me to highlight these people and their wisdom, because it’s people like this together with my own little family and friends that push me forward. So really, thank you. You literally give me the courage to jump into this exciting happy bags journey.
It’s all true. The clichés are clichés for a reason. That’s what motherhood taught me so far. Yes it opens your eyes to a different world, yes it crafts a better version of you each day. It lets you get the essence of time and the essence of life.
I wanted to devote my time to creating something valuable, something I felt the world needed. I decided to create happy bags.
happy bags Would like to make drinking water fun, healthy and tasty for children.
Creating a whole new product is not something that happens overnight, so I figured it would be an even bigger adventure if I didn’t have to go it alone. So I’m sharing my happy bags journey with you. Right here, straight up.
(I’ve been working on this blog for the last week btw, waiting on endless IT support and sparing you the details.. I inserted this quote a few days before the big master Bowie died… which freaks me out a little bit.)
And on Instagram: #thehappybagsjourney
 Hope you’ll enjoy it. Curious for all your happy bags thoughts already!
Leave me a comment. Are you as curious as I am to taste the first happy bag?
Test phase one coming up end of January… OVER excited… stay tuned!