We believe there is a huge gap between sugar overloaded soft drinks and water, waiting to be filled with tasty, healthy and fun alternatives.


Only the best is good enough for our kids. We want to make children look at water differently. We want to make drinking water fun again.


At Happy Bags we create the things we wish existed. We believe in values before skills. We believe in a kind company with the right balance for everybody involved.


Our Story

MiniMarieTea was founded and created in 2016 by Marie’s mom Isabelle. Being madly in love with her kids, herbs and tea, she cherishes the after school tea time with her toddlers. This was how she noticed the lack of infusions she could give her kids with a clear conscience. She started her own company to create healthy and fun additives for water: Happy Bags.


Happy Bags

In development

Happy Bags are little tear bags with 100% fruit powder that you can add to a glass of water and the powder dissolves into tasty and healthy infused fruit water. This product is currently in development and will take some time. Stay tuned!


A GranoLadies brand

The things that make MiniMarieTea unique are endless. It’s a tea made especially for kids and the whole family. No theine. No added sugars. No added flavours. Just pure dried fruits, flowers and herbs. All organic. MiniMarieTea has been acquired by Granoladies in April 2019.

Contact us

We always love to hear from our customers. If you would like to become a reseller, let us know.